Sleep Apnea Mouth Appliance

A customized oral device is designed to eliminate obstructive sleep apnea and minimize snoring. This device can help reduce the symptoms, which are adequate to improve sleep health and quality. At the office of Kirk E. King, DDS, we help treat the dental irregularities that are the underlying cause of sleep apnea. Our sleep apnea mouthguard/mouthpiece is different from other types of custom-made oral appliances that protect the teeth from injuries. We serve patients throughout Renton.

The Need for a Customized Mouth Guard in Renton Our experienced team will explore every treatment option while considering the patient’s comfort. The amazing thing is that many patients find it easy to wear mouth guards and offer more comfort. For instance, you can take this device along with you when traveling due to its compact size.

How Mouth Guards Work There are several kinds of oral appliances, but they are categorized as; tongue-retaining devices and mandibular repositioning devices. Mandibular repositioning devices trigger the lower jaw to a forward position and adjust the tongue to enable air to pass through it when sleeping. It allows the patient to access an unrestricted flow of air. For tongue retaining devices, it positions the tongue and stops it from collapsing.

How to Get Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard in Renton For any individuals considering getting this device, the first thing to do is visit a dental professional for a consultation. The professional will evaluate their oral cavity, including the teeth, throat, tongue, and jaw. Coupled with the evaluation, they may also carry out an X-ray examination of the air passages.

The specialist can discover a lot of information when examining the patient. Afterward, the dental professional will discuss several treatment options and decide the best option. If they later opted for an oral appliance, they will start designing and recommending a customized sleep apnea mouthguard.

Contact Us Today! Book an appointment with our experienced team. We will diagnose your sleep apnea condition and determine whether sleep apnea mouthguard or mouthpiece is right for you. You can visit our practice located in Renton.